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Building block – Safety first

There are plenty of benefits that arise from the use of toy blocks
as a child’s play thing. A single building block comes with much more and is
beneficial to the child’s physical, mental and visual health. There may be more
than a single block for one letter.  However
the level of safety required must be met, keeping in mind that these are items
used by the sub-conscious mind of a child that is still growing and learning. Studies
have shown that most childhood accidents are reported at home and in many
cases, with toys. Considering that most of their time children are always
around toys, parents must always ensure that such toys are always kept in a
storage space such as a trunk not just for the child’s safety, but for everyone
at home.

One of the main reasons why a toy may not be safe is because they
may be not be appropriate in terms of age. Certain building block designs may
be too complex for a child depending on the age. Smaller toy blocks may be
appropriate for children of 3 years and above. This is considering that
children under 3 year are fond of putting things in their mouth. The last thing
a parent would want is a square shaped building block stuck down their 2 year
old child’ throat. Therefore, smaller building blocks are recommended for 4
year olds who are inclined more towards creativity and adventure. If the child
looks more towards constructing and trial and error, than putting things in
their mouth, then the building blocks are developmentally appropriate for their

When choosing building blocks, it is proper to ensure that each building
is strong enough and won’t break under reasonable play
conditions. If painted, ensuring that the paint used is non-toxic and won’t
peel off easily. Parents should avoid toy blocks that have rough or sharp edges
as these may pose a hazard to the kids.


There are different design varieties in the current market setting
for parents to choose from. These may range from simple building blocks with
regular shapes and are easy to deal with, to more complex puzzles that require
more concentration and an older age group of children. Parents can always
invest on variety and these will help create a gradual platform for the child’s
mental and physical growthBusiness Management Articles, all in a safe and friendly environment. 

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