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Chat Rooms And Children’s Online Safety


It is almost a given that any child deemed old enough to use an Internet Chat Room is also mature enough to grasp there are some very bad people in the world. To help keep youngsters safe while still allowing them to enjoy the communication the Internet allows, many parents school their children on chat room safety.Whether the site in question offers homework help, is designed for teens to share their personal issues or centers on a special interest or hobby, the reality is that chat room safety is a necessity. While many teens and children flock to these sites to talk it up, so too do predators looking for an easy score. With horror stories abounding as a result, chat room safety is deemed imperative in many households.Since children (and even parents) cannot always ascertain if the person on the other end of the screen is a bad guy or a good one, chat room safety advice is a very good idea to share. Many parents make sure their children understand and follow these chat room safety tips:Use a pseudonym. Most chat sites, e-mail accounts and other Internet functions enable users to pick a nickname or pseudonym. This is a very good idea to enforce. It helps make sure a child’s identity isn’t revealed. Take care when choosing this nickname, however. Anything too suggestive or revealing can cause trouble. For example, SexyLegs0000 would very likely go against the grain of chat room safety for a 12-year-old girl. In fact, it might not be wise for a 25-year-old woman to choose either! Don’t share information. Unless parents give their okay and supervision, this rule of chat room safety is generally laid down in stone in most households. It simply is not wise for children to share their real names, addresses, telephone numbers and even school names with those they do not know. No face-to-face meetings. While there are some wonderful stories of face-to-face meetings taking place and long-term friendship being forged, the horror stories tend to outnumber. This chat room safety tip is to avoid these at all costs. If adults want to meet and greet, that’s fine, but children’s safety is too precious to risk so many parents just don’t allow this. Chat room access. Many parents set rules for or limit access to chat rooms when possible. This might not guarantee a child doesn’t bump into a bad guy now and again, but when a youngster is only allowed to visit a private room a fellow (known) parent set up for neighborhood children, the chances for trouble are reduced greatly.Chat room safety is a concern that is raised in many households. As more youth access the Internet, the number of stories about predators lurking and actually pulling off face-to-face meetings seems to grow in leaps and bounds. While most chat room safety rules suffice to help keep youngsters safe, the best tip if all is to simply supervise online activity.

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This article was written by Travis Klein. Travis is the creator of the highly popular forum about children’s online safety.

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