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The 3 Greatest Prosperity Books Of All Time

I’m fascinated by prosperity.

This year I’ve been reading numerous books on the topic. Here are my
three favorites:

“Seed Money In Action” has stood the test of time. This forty year old
little booklet has gone through 53 editions, sold 1,000,000 copies, and
caused 40,000 people to write the authors and praise it.

The basic message is that as you give, you will receive ten-fold in
return. This ancient secret helped create millionaires and billionaires
throughout time, and still works today.

There’s a catch, of course. You have a give with a mind-set of
non-judgmental expectation. When you do, you’re in the flow. Most people who
are broke are practicing the scarcity principle, not the seed money

Most people who are having money problems would never even think of
giving money away, let alone think of the proper way to think AS they give
money away. Yet that’s the secret prosperity in this famous booklet.

Then there’s “The Millionaire’s Mind” by two authors in a country I
never heard of before last year. Two Slovenian authors wrote a book that
sold out within 15 days in their country. When they came to me, I was
skeptical. When I read the book, I was amazed. Here’s a complete course on
how to think like a wealthy person. Long, detailed, practical, and
eye-opening, it continues to blow me away.

Do you want to know what happened in the first few hours after I
announced the release of the book?

* A German businessman contacted us wanting to start selling this e-book in
Germany and building his own website just to promote it to his audience.

* An Indian businessman contacted us wanting to find ways of marketing this
e-book in India, and also said: “I got so excited that I decided to mail you
right away since I feel this book can help millions here in INDIA.”

* A Scandinavian author agent contacted us wanting to translate and publish
the book in print and electronic formats in Norway.

* 15 people contacted us immediately wanting to sell this e-book through
their websites and e-zines.

* HUNDREDS of people ordered the book within just five hours of getting the

* Dozens of people wrote from overseas, begging to find a way to pay for the
book and get it right NOW.

* Still others wrote to me, asking if the book would be released in
hardcover (not this year).

And all this in just a few hours after I pre-released the e-book. Is
this miraculous or what?

Finally there’s the book I co-authored with Stuart Lichtman, called
“How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast.” Stuart is a genius. I have
never met anyone like him. He has spent at least four decades studying the
unconscious mind. The result is that he can pin-point where our unconscious
trips us up—and show us how to correct it.

This is incredible. Where before you would set a goal and wonder why
you stopped going for it, now you can discover why you stopped
yourself—and remove the block. This book really describes how to “get
clear”, which is a key step in my “Spiritual Marketing” book.

Well, let me throw in one more book on prosperity.

When Tom Paley wrote his masterpiece, “I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest
Dreams, I am I am I am,” he didn’t know he would begin a new quest. Since
writing that book he has gone on to teach e-classes based on his simple
method, give teleseminars, land a publishing contract for the book, and now
sell it as an e-book, too. His book is helping people create miracles. His
book helped me manifest the home of my dreams.

If you’re looking to create prosperityPsychology Articles, I suggest you get all of the
above titles. They are all e-books so you can have them instantly. They’re
better reading than the daily newspaper and will lead to far more profit.

Read them and get rich.


“Seed Money In Action” is here:

“The Millionaire Mind” is here:

“I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams” is here: pauley

“How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast” is here:

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