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Webinar: Create an Employee Self-Service Portal on Office 365 / SharePoint

Webinar: Create an Employee Self-Service Portal on Office 365 / SharePoint

NOW AVAILABLE IN MODERN UI Learn how you can use Office 365 / SharePoint to create an Employee Central portal. Provide your employees with a central place to find documents, get help, and access processes in an intuitive consistent way across departments.

SP Marketplace started business in 2012 with the introduction of Microsoft’s Cloud offerings. Our leaders saw the Office 365 and SharePoint platforms as an opportunity to redefine how work is done in organizations. Our goal was simple “make it easy to do business inside the organization”.

The SP Workplace Suite for Office 365 and SharePoint, is an integrated set of portals and business applications built natively on SharePoint Online and seamlessly fit in your Office 365 environment. It is a no-code, 100% customizable (by business users) design that empowers organizations to successfully evolve to a Digital Workplace structure. Today over 1000 customers around the world use our products to make it “easy to do business” for their employees.


  1. den isse on February 7, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Thanks for the video. Is it ok if I use your slides on our portal? I’ll just note your company as a source.

  2. Peter Malling on February 7, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    Great video, thanks. Both the intranet and the service portal contains documentation. In your example the employee handbook is in the service portal. However, you could easily argue that the employee handbook should reside on the intranet.
    Why wouldn’t you just want to put all documentation on the intranet, leaving the "active" part to the service portal, like requests, questions, reporting incidents etc?

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