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What Is Good Mental Health?

Many people believe that individuals are afforded good mental health when society enables them to have a purposeful social, economic and cultural role. There is much evidence to suggest that connectedness and caring relationships are important components of wellness across the life-span.

What one experiences as ‘good mental health’ another may not. An individual’s self-report is frequently key to the identification of affective, behavioural and interpersonal changes, and it is such changes which are commonly precursors to mental illness. Self-description must also be considered in the assessment of an individual’s wellness.

From the author’s [albeit biased] perspective, mental health exists on a continuum and at what point the continuum becomes ‘good’ is not always clear. One attempt at defining ‘good mental health’ would be to say that it is individually determined and that it involves the ability to experience cognitions, affect and interpersonal relationsScience Articles, which are not consistently persecutory of self or others.

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