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Why you Should Write Your eBook

Have your written a print book already? Do you wonder which kind of book to write for your first one? Do you resist writing an eBook because you  think it isn’t quality or won’t  fit traditional markets?

As a long-time book coach, most of my clients want to brand their business with a book. Many want them in print. But more and more, authors turn to eBooks because of the advantages.

Relax. You can take parts of your print book and put it into a shorter  eBook that you can give away to market your print book, or you can sell it as is. Today’s readers want short and sweet. They love solutions to their challenges. They don’t have a lot of time to read long books. They are online and ready to buy.

Relax. For your first book, depending on your purpose, I recommend you write a short eBook. First, it gets done fast. Second, you get your unique word out now, instead of two years from now. Third, you will finish it and feel good about it. Fourth, you’ll start getting cash flow and new clients from it right away.

Relax. Why do you care about the traditional path? When they go to book stores, your audience is looking for a particular book, not yours. Your competiton and cost to promote there is exhorbinate. Unless you are famous, your book will languish and not sell well.  Instead, three quarters of your readers are online, surfing the net, looking for information to help them  Promoting your  book online makes sense because these people buy books–in all kinds of subjects.

Like me, maybe you’ve noticed that when eBooks came to town, even though a newbie and non-techie, you can see the endless possibilities of easier writing and marketing with an eBook.

Check out Even More Benefits for eBooks!

You make the the money. Can make ongoing, passive profits for life. Spend much less time writing and promoting. Retain total control of your cover and conent. Share your unique, important message with 1000’s, even hundreds of thousands. Build your client/customer base and credibility. Reach your target audience easily when you distribute yourself. Spend less money and have more cash flow. Finish your book within 30 days. Make ongoing, passive profits for life. Can update your book when it needs it. Become the expert in your field. ain trust, credibility and friends.

And, with an eBook, you don’t  have printing, mailing or inventory costs. You can use word in 8 ½ by 11 format and PDF.  You also don’t have to travel. Don’t have to tell or sell. Don’t have to package and mail books. Best of all you can sell online from email or a web site

The challenge is to overcome anxiety to new ways. When you check out help with a little coaching, a teleclass, or read an eBook on how to write and sell an eBookFree Web Content, you’ll be on your way. You’ll discover so many more book buyers and new clients with your eBook.

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