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Write Articles For Money-$1500 a Day-Writing Guide

The writing industry is very big right now thanks to the expansion of the Internet. Now, if you can read and write at a basic elementary level, it doesn’t take much to start your own writing business. It is a much needed alternative to the current economic recession. The ‘Writing Riches 101’ is a writing guide that can help speed up the process and increase the chances of a writer making it online as an Internet writer.

‘Writing Riches 101’ was written by seasoned writer and researcher, ‘Sara Williams’. The guide focuses on helping freelance writers get their careers off the ground with little or no investment. The guide points the writer in the direction of success.

Most of the information in the writing guide is not easily found on the internet, thanks to the over expansion of writing mills that like to pay their writers $2 per article. The writing guide shows writers how to triple that amount.

Writers will be able to get a list of submission sites that caters to freelance writers. Here, writers can submit their original content that relates to the topic of the site. As long as articles and content is original and completely un-biased, writers can receive upfront payment.

These payments are at least $20-$100 per article. These type of writing jobs are not advertised on the Internet because most online publishers are afraid they will be bombarded by a bunch of unqualified writers and will never find a decent writer. ‘Writing Riches 101’ shares this information in the writing guide.

The guide also offers free copywriting training. This is extremely essential for writers who want to earn more money for their services. Webmasters and publishers are taking a strong interest in copywriters that can produce text geared towards selling a product or service. The ‘Writing Riches 101’ guide will show writers exactly how to become a copywriter in demand in little to no time.

Other elements included in the guide are a freelance writing system. Most writers make the bulk of their money with freelance sites. These sites can account for 1/3 of any writer’s income. It is when a client posts a writing project and the writer bids on it. ‘Writing Riches 101’ shows writers how to win a freelance bid almost every time. This proven writing system can make any writer at least $100-$1000 a day.

‘Writing Riches 101’ was created to help other writers earn a living online. It does the grunt work for freelance writers on all levelsFree Articles, increasing their chances of earning a six figure income from home.

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